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February 25, 2016




I am certainly not going to take a definitive stance, because everyone is entitled to raising a family the way they see fit.  But, one of the major concerns of college coaches is the idea of constant movement and how it affects children.  I believe if you keep them involved they are exposed to a lot of great young people and great experiences. 


My oldest daugther wrote this poem when she was 13 and I believe it expresses a positive experience, for her, maybe not those she writes about.  Enjoy it as it is a true part of a child's involvement in her father's coaching career and a part of her exposure.





My Life has been so different

From what others may know,

And I am full of memories from not so long ago.


When I was younger,

Maybe two or three

My dad was the head coach at a college, Allegheny


Mom and I used to walk from home

To campus for football practice.

We walked on beautiful fall days,

When fallen leaves were scattered on the ground.

The air was crisp

And birds chirped and sang

From the bright blue sky

As we strolled on by.


At practice,

Dad would let me blow his whistle

While the players ran.

Each time I blew they had to run again.

I thought it was so funny

To see them huff and puff

After a while dad would say Enough!


The players never thought it was that funny

And I couldn't understand why.

To this day

They still tell me I am gonna pay

For all of those laps I made them run

Because I was having so much fun.



Katelyn Vaas

November 1999

Age 13


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