February 29, 2016


The Rivals Camp Series, sponsored by Under Armour, got started this past weekend and it was a lot of fun working with outstanding young Quarterbacks in Orlando and Miami.  In getting the camps started it was also great to get back with some excellent veteran coaches.  The camps allow for many discussions and the telling of stories, most of which are extremely positive. 


One conversation, during the drive from Orlando to Miami, was not a positive one and in fact was disheartening.  It centered around the fact there are way too many coaches that are in a position of leadership but not sensitive to others they deal with. I am going to assume that this situation is more general than just coaches.  My guess is it applies to all leaders.  A leader can not afford to think strictly of what his concerns are.  He has to be sensitive to what he has said to those he leads.  I am thinking specifically of coaches applying and being interviewed for jobs and then being left hanging.  Generally at the end of a job interview there is something a leader will say.  "I will call you tomorrow",  "I need to speak to the AD and I will get back to you by Monday".  Now there may be a thousand things that are happening in the world of the person that made either of those statements, but in the world of the individual that was the listener he is hanging on every word.  When the phone call is not received the next day, or on Monday, the person that made the promise loses credibility.  Now maybe the AD was unavailable and there is not decision. A phone call or text is still required.  As the person that made the statment you owe it to the listener to follow up in some manner. 


There are a couple of adages that allow a leader to always maintain and even gain respect.    The first is, "Do as you say and say as you do"  The second, "Deliver more than you promise."  Have you ever promised to hire someone for $50,000 and actually paid him $52,000?  Do you know how happy and excited and loyal he and his family are to you because of that.  Have you ever said I will get back to you and then you never have?  Do you know how many people that person and that person's family and friends retell how you do not keep your word? 


It requires a lot of hard work to lead, but to do it properly you do it responsibly from the stand point of thinking of those you are leading rather than strictly thinking in an egocentric manner.



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