March 2, 2016


As a football coach, one of the major requirements of the job is, you recruit.  The recruiting "season" is in the winter.  As a coach that spent a lot of time in NH I recruited the back roads often.  On one particular trip I was caught in the middle of a snow storm and slid off the road.  I was stuck and needed to seek assistance.  I started to walk and soon came across a farm house.  I walked up to the front door and knocked.  An elderly farmer came to the door and I asked him for help getting my car out of the ditch.  He scratched his head and said "son we are no longer a working farm.  I am not sure if I can help.  All I have is an old donkey named Gus. The only reason we keep him is he has been with the farm since its inception and we dont have the heart to put him down.  Gus is blind, weak and very old but let's see what we can do."


The farmer proceeded to get a harness and we walked Gus to the car.  He hooked Gus up so he could pull.  Once all was secure the farmer yelled out, "Come on Bill."  Then he yelled "come on Larry."  The third time he yelled "come on Sam."  Finally on the fourth yell he called out Gus' name.  Sure enough old Gus groaned and slowly pulled the car out of the ditch.  I was extremely grateful but also befuddled.  I had to ask the farmer why he called out the three names before he yelled Gus' name.  He looked at me, smiled and said "son, remember Gus is blind and old, if he ever thought he had to do that job himself he never would have even tried."


Remember, in Teamwork, you have to do your job, but you do not have to do it alone.


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