QB-Decision Making

March 15, 2016


Decision making for a Quarterback may be the most important aspect of the position.  Making positive decisions in a very quick span of time is critical.  I am sure it is important in all aspects of life and business but in a game the Quarterback position places more of an empahsis on this than on anything else.  How do you practice it?  How do you explain it to another?  A drill that is done, and can also be used to illustrate it to a person that has never and will never be a QB, is to pick out 3 targets, number them 1-2-3 from left to right.  Ask someone to point to the target you call out or have the QB throw to the designated target.  As an example simply have the person stand there and point as you call out 1-2 0r 3. In doing so use the simple number the first couple of times and then give a math problem to get to the third.  You will quickly see the speed at which the person points to the first 2 numbers is dramatically different than when you yell out 7 times 3 minus 19.  In order to point to the number two your subject will hesitate and react much slower.  The point is, as a QB, you do not have the luxury of waiting, your instincts and ability to process complex information must be as quick and accuarte as if he had been simply instructed to throw to target 1. 


As a QB drill the coach would yell out the math problem as the ball is snapped and as the QB drops he will process the information and throw to the correct target, without hesitation, at the end of his drop.


Making positive decisions is critical in all aspects of sports, business and life.  Find ways to practice this in creative ways.

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