Success= "You Never Go Broke Taking a Profit"

March 26, 2016


Every Quarterback I have ever coached has heard me tell them, "Remember, You never go broke taking a profit."  It is an expression I use to empahaize with them good decision making and ball protection.  If they were given a penny everyday of their lives and never spent a cent how rich would they be, monetarily, in the end?


At the Rivals QB Challenge sponsored by Under Armour there is a deep ball station.  The QB's, the best young ones in the country, have to throw the ball into a net that is 35 yards from the LOS.  We have held 2 challenges to date and we have not hit 10% of the throws yet.  Last year it was a 43 yard throw and the percentages were worse.  I always use this to point out to the QB's that if they were disciplined and took the high percentage throw, like throwing to the checkdown, their results would be much more positive. 


The same applies to business.  It is not the huge sale or the sizzle that wins, it is being fundamentally sound and making positive strides everyday.  Once a person becomes disciplined and does not stray from the solid fundamentals, of whatever his field of endeavor is, he will discover success follows.


"Remember, You never go broke taking a profit."



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