April 5, 2016

It is amazing what can be accomplished when we focus on the task at hand.  Focus can easily be distracted by a multitude of things.  When emphasizing to a team how important focus is, it generally isn't enough to just verbalize it, many learn through visual exhibitions so here is a great one to illustrate to people how important focusing on the correct things is.


Have two people stand in front of a room, give them each identical broomsticks, or a yardstick works too.  Unscrew the broom part and remove it.  (The broom stick does not need to have the broom at the end of it, as pictured)  Whisper in one person's ear, "when I say go I want you to balance the broomstick on your index finger by looking at the tip that touches your finger." Whisper to participant number two, "when I say go I want you to balance the broomstick on your finger by focusing on the tip of the broomstick that is closest to the ceiling."


Say "Go".  Once you do, you will notice the person focusing on the tip that is on his finger will be chasing the broomstick all around trying to balance it.  The person focusing on the tip closest to the ceiling will be standing there calmly balancing the broomstick.


The moral of the demonstration is , "if you focus on the right things the task at hand is relatively easy, if you focus incorrectly you will be chasing your objective forever."


Recognize what you need to focus on to be successful and do not get distracted!


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