May 13, 2016


The NFL draft was recently completed and many young men are now gainfully employed.  It made me think of jobs and working for a living.  The people that were just drafted have found employment and a way to "make a living" by playing a game.  Trust me, they love what they do or they would not do it as it requires a lot of dedication and effort.  They get to be paid for playing a game.  I know a lot of society makes it bigger than life and places more importance on those games than spending time with family or even their own jobs but in the end it is still a game.


Think of the people that throw themselves into the world of professional sports, as fans.   They do it as a release from the job they have.  They have a job and get paid so they can spend their money on things they enjoy.  Those that just got drafted now have a job, they love, that pays them money. There is a huge difference,


There are two approaches to money that jobs fall into. Neither of them is perfect and neither of them is the correct way.  There are people who work to make money so they can spend it on the things they enjoy.  And there are those that do what they love and get paid for it.


The ones that just got drafted have found a way to take a game, play it, and support themselves and their families too.  What a great deal.  Having your job be your life not because it consumes you but because it is what you love is a fabulous way to live everyday.  Getting up and being excited about the challenges that you will face that day.


Doing what you love gives you  reason to live.  Working a job forces you to work for 5 days so you can live on a weekend or live through another's game.  Find a way to do what you love and you will awake with a bounce in your step each and every morning.  Your happiness will exist everyday through what you do for a living and not just when you reach into your wallet to purchase some.



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