May 24, 2016


Following up on last week's post about not flinching and working hard to win, I'd like to mention how to handle a negative outcome.


There are times, no matter how hard we try to prevent it, the outcome we want doesn't occur.  How do we react?   Do we point fingers and blame others, or do we look inward and ask what can I do better.


Too often people point their finger at someone or something to rationalize the fact they failed. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing, if we deal with it correctly, analyze it, and grow from it.

If we point our finger at some external cause we tend to avoid the real issue, remember, when you point one finger the other four are pointing back at you.  The real issue is always us.  We did not prepare as hard as we should have, we were not as talented as our opponent, we made mistakes because we lost focus, we did not handle the intensity of the event well enough.  All of those factors are us. 


It is very difficult for one to self-examine and then be self critical.  We will never be successful until we learn to critique ourselves in a manner that is both honest and constructive.  To grow we must face short comings head on and grow from them by ether improving or by getting assistance in those areas.


We always control our own results.  We make decisions on what we do or do not do.  Be honest and accountable for our own actions.  The more honest and accountable we are the more success we will discover. 



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