Accepting Role

The football season is just days away and everyone is dreaming and striving for great things. Coaches want to be the play caller, players want to be the guy that makes the key play, parents want the best and most for their son.  Not everyone is going to get what they want.  


Everyone wants to win and to win in the ultimate team game it is important that coaches define roles for players and players and parents accept those roles and execute what is asked from that role to the best of their abilities, even when that role may be to be a ready back up player.


Communication is required from the leader and execution is required from everyone else.  One of the most difficult things we all have to cope with is when someone else shatters our dream.  When a player is first told he is a Division III player and not the next Notre Dame QB that is heart breaking for both he and his parents.  Parents, too often, see their sons as exactly that, their sons. They love them to death and hang on every positive word someone ever uttered and even embellish it a bit.  Where, in reality, a 5-10 175 QB is not going to be the next All American at Alabama.  He can have a fabulous career as a Division III player, provided he accepts that.  I know a lot of excellent Division III players that would not trade their career or experience for anything.


Football is the field where corporate leaders are born and molded. The corporate world is using the term "team" all the time now and if you are a football player you are ready for  that world because all your life you have accepted your role on a team.  Do what is asked of you in a humble and enthusiastic manner and good things will come your way.  Remember, winning is going as far as you can using all that you have.  In the end everyone wins when roles are defined, accepted and executed.


Good Luck!




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