Leading by Example

October 27, 2016


As the football season progresses leaders are finding themselves in a variety of positions.  Some are riding the crest of the wave and are either where they wanted to be, or better.  Others are trailing behind expected pre-season optimism.


Regardless of the situation you are in the people that look to you expect you to lead and to lead in an upbeat positive manner.


Think of your most important position of leadership, that of being a parent.  Your toddler is sitting in the high chair and accidently knocks over the glass of milk and it splatters everywhere, creating a huge mess.  The child instinctively does one thing first.  It is not cry, laugh or play in the puddle.  The child immediately turns and looks at you to determine how to react, based on how you have reacted.  If you yell or get upset the child immediately cries and is almost uncontrollable.  If you calmly go about cleaning it up the child will calmly play with the puddle and even try to help you.


What kind of leader do you want to be?  The kind that gets help from those around you or the kind that sets everyone to crying.  The most difficult situations require strong leaders to remain strong and set an example for those looking to them, because all eyes turn towards you.


Good luck as the season moves towards its end and Stay Strong, eyes are turning to you!




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