Do Your Job

What a simple yet profound statement.  Bill Belichick has made this statement his foundation for being successful, for winning numerous championships.  Why don't we all learn from it.


Not only is it the foundation of his program but it is the core of the game of football and an invaluable lesson every player learns by playing the game.  


I am motivated to make this statement after two incidents in my own life.   I recently moved into a new home and am amazed at how many mistakes were made during the building of the home. It has been over 2 months and even though the punch list is shrinking it is still not complete.  The most obvious area is it is a home where the maintenance is a part of the homeowners association's obligation. I am amazed how a simple job like watering new sod can be so misunderstood.  The people that lay the sod are not those that care for it and a third party is responsible for the watering of it. None of the 3 are aware of the other and are always pointing the finger when the sod is not taking.  If any of these folks had played the game of football they would have learned to trust their team mate and would "just be doing their job".  The sod would be lush and green if it were the responsibility of a former football player.


Yesterday I also read a post by a former football player at a small academic school.  He was venting about the school's lack of success. recently, during the football season and refused to donate money until the school posted a 500 season.  He was smart enough to pledge a donation for when that happened and to challenge his former team mates to do the same.  His frustration was not only in the lack of success but also in the administration's apparent lack of a desire to recognize the qualities that a marginal student may display in a manner that is not illustrated by an academic grade.  However, they are displayed and established in an athletic arena, such as the football field. Those qualities have helped establish the school to the level of notoriety it holds today yet are being forgotten as the school climbs the ladder of academic prestige.


The game of football is the one arena where it is paramount 11 individuals work cohesively, without regard for their individual success, in order to have team success.  Players must focus on their job so the team wins.  In order to do their job they need to know what others are responsible for yet be disciplined enough to "just do their job".  


So as this work week comes to an end "Just do your job",


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