Recently I had a fabulous opportunity to speak at an event sponsored by Schneider, a leader in the industry that manufactures machinery that makes lenses for eye wear.  They were entertaining their clients, successful owners of labs that actually make the lenses.  In order to speak before them it required I do some research and familiarize myself with what they do and who they are.  I had to prepare to win!  In my planning I learned they are a company that does not want to just "drift along" they want to grow.  To grow, one has to dream and visualize.   


I was to speak on Friday mid day and was fortunate enough to be afforded the chance to arrive on Wednesday.  I did.  This enabled me to meet people, hear their thoughts, watch them interact and get a feel for who and what they are.  There were two impressive events I was able to witness and be involved with.  I had the opportunity to listen to Gunter Schneider, the company owner,  talk about the growth of the company and how they had had to take risks in order to grow.  In my mind I related very well as to be successful one must dare to be great.  One can not worry about or fear failure.


The second impressive occurrence was the company secured a minor league baseball park for the evening and everyone in attendance was able to partake in true life batting practice.  It was't the fact they got up to the plate and took their swings it was more that these many successful business owners relaxed and enjoyed themselves.  Success must have some moments of joy and not just be a grind.


My talk centered around preparing a team to win and after the event was over I realized all I did was articulate, in a slightly different way, what they already innately do.  They all plan, they work hard and they are not afraid to take risks.  They "keep their eye on the ball", thus they grow.  And in their growth they find time to enjoy and relax.  


I was flattered to be asked to speak as it forced me to expand my world and through my talk I am sure I expanded theirs.




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