Handling Challenges


Challenges come in many forms. There are those where we have to accomplish something alone. Those where we need to work together with others and those which are purely mental and just for the fun of it.  


In some challenges there is an obstacle to overcome, the other teams desire to attain the same goal, win. 


In some challenges there is confrontation.  In order to accomplish a team goal one must confront a teammate.


Most times challenges arrive, or are presented to us, without warning.    These are the ones that are most difficult to prepare for but still need to be handled with poise, confidence and success.


Football teams practice these unprepared for situations by practicing as much situational football as possible. 


Individuals must practice these situations mentally.  As one goes for a jog, sits and mindlessly stares into space envision and mentally create as many situations as you can and see yourself reacting positively and successfully.  In order to act as though you have been there before, you have to have been, even if it is just mentally.


Tom Brady did not lead the Patriots to victory after trailing 28-3 by freezing and spitting the bit.  He calmly and unemotionally urged himself and his teammates to success, most likely because he had mentally practiced winning and coming from behind many times.  


Young athletes generally have the physical come to them relatively easily.  They need to practice and understand success comes from mentally and emotionally being able to handle stressful and challenging situations, successfully.  In order to practice these visualize them and visualize success, when they do occur you will confidently say I have been here before and I am going to execute relaxed and confidently because I know success is mine.


Good Luck to all in all that you do.

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