The Game of Football

Football practice has begun and it has motivated me to make a couple of observations.   I recently heard where a High School team only had 14 young men out for football.  That same High School had 40 out for soccer.  Those numbers concern me, not only for the future of the game but for our future as a society.  I have no reason to not believe soccer is a quality experience, as I have never played it.  I do know the game of football possesses learning experiences we, as a country, need.


It is a game that requires physical and mental toughness.  A young man must learn to work well with others as it is the ultimate team game.  A QB can't function without a good line or good receivers.  A good receiver isn't very good with out a QB that can throw, etc.  The choreography of a well executed play requires discipline and self sacrifice.  A mind set to do what is best for the whole, not what is best for the individual.  In looking at other games the individual is emphasized at critical times.  Soccer and Hockey games a decided by "shootouts"  In basketball a player can go 1 0n 1.  In football the bigger the moment the more teamwork is required.


In an age where too many people have gone soft do to video games, entitling parents and participation trophies it is important the game of football be emphasized and not put on a back burner.  Working together, dealing with injury and finding a way to succeed anyway are qualities that are needed as we march forward as a society.


This fall as you drive by a High School practice be grateful the future of our country is working hard learning to work together.  We will be better off the more people encourage the game rather than discourage it.  


I hope your fall finds your favorite team winning but at the same time remember the game is also our future as it is teaching too many qualities and character building traits to allow it to fade in participation numbers.  Encourage young people to play!


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