Eye to Eye Leadership


In the off season of 2006 I investigated the beginnings of the No Huddle Offense.   The up tempo offense.  There were many advantages.  The speed at which an offense was executed put the defense behind in their thought process, the defense was forced to play more basic.   But one of the innovators of the up tempo offense pointed out a negative and the other day it occurred to me it may now be a negative in the business world too.


The negative, the offense didn't huddle.  What that meant, in reality, was the Quarterback was no longer able to look the rest of the offense in the eye and place demands on them.  His ability to lead with his eyes or voice were eliminated.


My question, is today's business world where the advantages of flex time, working from home, meetings via Skype etc eliminating the idea of looking someone in the eye and demanding more from them.  Using voice inflection to get a point across when sitting at the same table.


It is interesting how the crossover between the Huddle, a group meeting, and sitting at a table can be so related.  I have never been in a business staff meeting, per se, but I have been in many huddles. I understand that leadership can be exerted in looks and the use of the voice, not solely in the words or phrases that are used.   Let's not take the value of leadership out of our worlds, don't forget eye to eye conversations still have strong value.










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