"I met Peter at an Offense/Defense Football Camp the summer before my senior year of high school. Working with Peter for a week as my quarterback coach led to my decision to attend the University of New Hampshire, and continue to play for Peter. The quarterback fundamentals, leadership skills, and life lessons obtained during those years with Peter have not only stayed with me for the past 30+ years, but they have been passed on to my children, and many other young athletes that I have had the pleasure of coaching. 


I ran into Peter at a golf tournament, where he put his arm around my shoulder and said "How you doing?". He did that same thing for four years on the practice field when we would discuss what the next play would be. I remember what that felt like, because I did it with my son when I became the coach/teacher and he was the quarterback.


The experience from working with Peter has not only helped me in my own athletic endeavors and my 25+ years of youth coaching, but even in my 30+ years in the corporate world working on software development teams and sales teams. Every sales meeting should have a game plan, but everyone needs to be prepared when things don't go as planned, and be able to react accordingly. Peter has prepared countless quarterbacks for these situations, and I'm grateful I ended up on that team at Offense / Defense.


I consider Peter a great coach and a great teacher, but most importantly a true friend that I've been able to reach out to wherever he is in the world.


Rick Leclerc,   University of New Hampshire QB 1980, 81, 82 and 83.

Chief Solutions Architect & Strategic Accounts. Bradford Networks



To all my football loving friends - check this new site out by my good friend. I've learned a lot about preparation , effort & commitment - and a little bit of football - from him.  He is a friend, mentor and one hell of a coach! Coach Pete is also a fabulous speaker at business & corporate meetings as well - I've had him speak 2x and he got rave reviews at each...."


Keith M. Cross, R.D.O.  Business Executive



"Peter Vaas was instrumental in my development as a quarterback and his instruction added years to my NFL career. He taught me how to play at a very high level while staying relaxed and to focus on winning each rep. Coach Vaas was able to take the complex position of quarterback and simplify it to a manner that allowed me to cut loose and just play always moving forward towards the next completion, next first down, and next touchdown.  His coaching style changed the way I played and helped shape the way I currently coach.  Simply put, Peter Vaas is a winner."


Jonathan Quinn,  Berlin Thnuder NFL Europe 2001 World Bowl Champion QB/MVP



“Coach Vaas is one of the best football minds I’ve ever been around, but an even better coach.  His development extended further than just X’s and O’s to understanding how to game-plan for football but also life.  He has and will always continue to be a mentor of mine.  HIs game-plan for winning is just as applicable now as ever before.  I was very blessed to have crossed paths with Coach Vaas and will always implement his teachings in the game of life.”


Brady Quinn,  Notre Dame QB 2005 and 2006



"Coach, great website, amazing after reading through the blogs how much of your leadership during my four years at Allegheny College have carried over into my entire lifetime both as a dad and as a sales leader in management at FedEx.  I can still hear today the  many times over and over you would preach about as a leader the many eyes that would always be watching, whether teammates in the huddle or professors and administration on campus, what would they see??  So true to this day, at FedEx we as leaders refer to "the shadow you cast", what do our employees see, how do they respond, do they want to go above and beyond for you.  I can say with great confidence that your leadership and the way you carried yourself during my time at Allegheny did not go unnoticed, this once young 18 year old QB from outside of Boston learned many life lessons from "the shadow" you cast, and still very thankful today."


John Logue, Allegheny College 1986-1989

4 year starting QB and back to back NCAC Champion



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